Etecsa clients in Cuba describe the super offer as misleading: “you have to pay it in dollars”

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HAVANA, Dec. 3  Recently, the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) announced a “super offer” for purchases from abroad that has generated a lot of controversy.The promotion, which promises an international combo for “only 50 Cuban pesos,” has been received with skepticism and criticism from customers.

According to ETECSA, from December 4 to 10, customers will be able to purchase 1 international combo for 50 CUP, and beneficiaries in Cuba will receive 4GB (for all networks), 5GB LTE, 75 calling minutes and 80 SMS. However, the offer is not as it seems.

The exchange rate applied by ETECSA is one dollar for 24 Cuban pesos. Therefore, although the offer appears tempting, in reality, customers must pay in dollars or euros from abroad.

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Journalist Sayli Sosa commented on the matter: “Advertising is misleading. It’s not 50 CUP. You have to pay in dollars from abroad. Then, if with only the equivalent of 50 CUP, they give all that internet and calling time, it is more than evident that the rates for Cuban users are leonine.”


To date, customers of Ding, one of the international distributors that will offer the discount, have this recharge for a price of 22.44 EUR, a rate very similar to what is normally paid for the international combo 1 of 500 CUP.

Furthermore, a review on Suena Cuba, the other platform through which you can take advantage of this offer, shows that the 500 CUP combo can be purchased for a price close to $22.

Is it, then, a misleading offer from Etecsa? Several customers have reacted negatively to this promotion, describing it that way.

Some Cubans even joked that “the Cuban pesos should be sent abroad so that relatives can recharge.” Others questioned how to recharge only USD 2 when the platforms for recharging from abroad have a minimum of USD 10.

Whatever the case, the announcement has not stopped receiving criticism. With 50 Cuban pesos, customers on the island can barely buy 200 MB LTE with a validity of one day.

The cheapest LTE package costs 100 CUP (1GB+ 300 MB of national navigation) and the least expensive combined basic plan can be purchased for 110 CUP and comes with 600 MB+ 800 MB LTE+300 MB of national navigation, + 15 minutes and 20 SMS.