Essential Travel Tips for a Memorable Journey to Cuba

Essential Travel Tips for a Memorable Journey to Cuba

HAVANA, Dec. 15th. Cuba is an amazing place to visit. It consists of the main island plus over 4,000 tiny islands. The people are friendly and its climate is warm. Nearly everything in the country is attractive.

The cities, countryside, and coastline have tons of attractions to offer. From the hotels to wildlife and the lengthy beaches, you will love every detail of your visit. Due to the lasting memories you will get, it is necessary to know what you need to get the best during your vacation in Cuba.

Your checklist before flying to Cuba

There are key things that you check weeks before your trip. They ensure you don’t get into trouble entering the country or get stranded once you get there. Take time to plan your travel several months earlier. Add the following to your checklist.

Get advice on vaccination. You might not be required to be vaccinated. Since you are traveling outside your country it is important to get advice. It might be necessary for your benefit.

Prepare your gadgets. Internet connection in Cuba might not be as reliable as in your country. It is an issue that affects most islands. Carrying a modem might offer a solution. Create backups for your data and passwords for your gadgets.

Get a visa and a tourist card. Above your passport, you must possess a visa and a tourist card to visit Cuba.

Moving around in Cuba. Prepare how you will move around once you get into the country. Know the details of your itinerary.

Other essentials. Pack a charger and an electrical plug. You may pack a first aid kit and some medicine. Travel insurance can be useful but also remember to carry sunscreen.

When visiting Cuba, ensure you carry a camera to help you record every memorable moment. Your iPhone is good enough for shooting all your photos or videos.

Since the number of photos you take could be high, your iPhone storage might be limited. You can clear system data on the iPhone to free up space on iPhone and create space for data storage. Once this is done, you can capture your unforgettable memories forever.

When to visit

Since Cuba has a subtropical climate, it has two seasons in a year. The rainy season begins in May and ends in October while the dry season begins in November and ends in April. Temperatures are highest in July and August and lowest in February. The best time to visit is the dry season to allow you to visit more attractions without problems. The wet season sometimes can be harsh due to monsoon rains.

Where to stay

Cuba boasts of more than 330 hotels and over 1/3 of them are 4 stars. You may choose to stay in a beach resort, in the cities, or deep in a national park. Most of them are favorable for people visiting alone, in groups, or families. 5-star hotels cost $124 while 4-star hotels cost from $70. One of the best-rated places to stay is Havana.

It features a deep history of Cuba and is home to some of the best luxury hotels. You might wonder if is Havana safe around the clock for your travel. It is a safe place to visit and stay. Just like in any other place around the world, you need to pay attention to your safety.

Essential Travel Tips for a Memorable Journey to Cuba

Places to visit

Cuba is never short of places to visit. Whether you love the white beaches, the green hills, or the historical cities, there is a place you can visit daily. Here are some of the places you might consider.

Valle de Vinales

If you love nature and enjoy endless landscapes, this is the place to choose. You will travel westwards from Havana and cover 100 miles to get there. It features undulating hills, hiking trails, and horse riding tracks. You will get a chance to visit the tobacco-growing fields and hundreds of drying houses scattered across the firms.


Varadero offers endless beaches filled with white sand. The blue water extends beyond the horizon offering you dozens of activities to do during your visit.


Baracoa was built in the 16th century and features the oldest church ever built there. It combines colonial architecture with countryside life. It is home to the rarest birds thriving in the UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve.

Immerse yourself in the culture

Cubans mainly communicate in Spanish but the local culture is attractive. Try out Cuban dishes such as Ropa Vieja, Picadillo, and Vaca Frita. Learn some Cuban dance styles such as Danzo, Salsa, and Mambo. You may visit the local museums or visit its amazing cultural festivals.


Cuba is a small island but it offers unlimited attractions. You will love visiting its cities, coasts, and countryside. Before your travel, you need to get all the requirements including a visa and a tourist card. The country offers nearly 400 hotels and things to do daily. You may spend time in the wildlife parks, climb the mountains, or dive in the ocean.