Michel Miglis came to Cuba 1996 to film an interview with Ernest Hemmingway’s shipper Gregorious Fuentes that in real life was the man that got the fish in the book “The Old Man and The Sea”.
Mr Miglis is a swedish film director/ music producer and from that first trip he fell in love with Cuba. Michel has done a lot of famous music videos in the island with world artists like: A-Teens, Dr Alban, Arash, Lumee Dee, Tatoo, Teddy Bears, Ceasars Palace.

In Cuba Mr Miglis has been working a lot in the culture area. One of the biggest projects in Cuba is the “Cubaton” project including a lot of music productions and a full length movie released on the cinemas worldwide 2012/13. Mr Miglis father is from Greece, Rhodos and his family has a restaurant and Bar there since 1962.

Casa Miglis is an old dream coming true that has been realized together with Michels Cuban family that he got true his marriage with his Cuban wife 2005.

One of the main goals with Restaurant Casa Miglis and its bar “Impala” is to create a meeting point for creative people and artists from all over the world. Casa Miglis represents what Swedish people eat today and its menu is designed by the Swedish cook Jonas Anderson.