Cuban musicians will celebrate today 100th online concert in social isolation

Cuban musicians will celebrate today 100th online concert in social isolation

HAVANA, Aug 10 (PL)  Prominent Cuban musicians will celebrate today the 100th online concert in a series sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of this Caribbeancountry to support social isolation in the fight against Covid-19.

Bobby Carcacés, Polito Ibáñez and Luna Manzanares, Omara Portuondo and the Failde Orchestra, the Síntesis group and Alexander Abreu will be the protagonists of the virtual show number 100 carried out to spread a very important message in these times: #Quedateencasa.

With the support of the Cuban Institute of Music (ICM), the initiative seeks to promote the social isolation measures recommended by the government due to the incidence of Covid-19, a pandemic that currently affects most of the countries of the planet.

Although the provinces of Cuba are in different phases of the recovery from the new coronavirus, measures are maintained in the country such as the mandatory use of masks and physical distancing, due to which live shows are still banned.

The Ministry of Culture and the ICM make an effort to provide entertainment with quality native artistic creations, transmitted through virtual platforms, linked to radio and television on this Caribbean island.

The current series of online recitals is broadcast on the frequencies of Canal Clave, Radio Progreso, the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Culture and links to 100 pages on Facebook that are added to the joint transmission of virtual concerts inaugurated almost five months ago under the #EstamosContigo and #MusicosPorCuba tags.

This initiative has the support of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, and has exhibited performances by Eduardo Sosa, Marta Campos, Diego Gutiérrez, Septeto Santiaguero, Vicente Feliú, Buena Fe, pianist Alejandro Falcón and his group Cubadentro, Pancho Amat and its Cabildo del Son, among others.

Singer-songwriter David Blanco, from the living room of his house, was the initiator of these concerts that now bring together artists of all genres, trends and styles.

Such spaces serve as the stage for hundreds of messages issued by the artistic community on the island to promote measures of social isolation and ratify the power of culture as a healing tool.