Ernesto Padron, cuban filmmaker of ” Meñique”

havana-live-mrniqueHAVANA, July 19  Cuban  filmmaker Ernesto Padron, director of 3D cartoon film ” Meñique” assured today that he would repeat the experience if he could.

Few days away from the world premiere of the first 3D cartoon flim made in Cuba in the history of national movie, Padron said that he never gave up his dream to make such a work. As the hero in his cartoon film, he has excelled hard tests and deeds, beating powerful giants.
But now, he awaits for the confrontation with the most terrible contender: the audience. The premiere will be on Sunday, the Children’s Day, with a simoultaneous exhibit in the main movie theaters in Cuba, while spectators are waiting to see a film that took almost 10 years to become true.
It is already said, that ” Meñique” will make a revolution in the movie in Cuba, just like another flim called “Vampiros en La Habana” (Vampires in Havana) did some years ago, directed by his brother Juan Padron. Esther Hirzel, director of the Cuban cartoon studies, stated there are enough human and technical resources to start other projects.
Among those new projects, there are a version of a work by Jose Marti of an European fable, “The Mountain and the Squirrel”. “Meñique” is a film co-produced with Gaelicia, Spain, and already commercialized, in countries such as South Korea, France and Germany. The film is dedicated to Tulio Raggi, a Cuban cartoon filmmaker, already deceased, a few months ago. (Prensa Latina)