Enjoy Travel Cuba in the island tourism spiral

Enjoy Travel Cuba in the island tourism spiral

HAVANA, March 17  The recent presentation of the Spanish company Enjoy Travel Group in this capital today brings to mind the ingredients that make up the recovery of the travel industry in Cuba.It is a spiral in constant movement that now has as its component a new flight from Madrid, the Spanish capital, to Havana.

The recovery of tourism in this country requires a strong effort, especially on the part of workers in the sector and a good part of the companies from different segments that operate with the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur), with direct trips being an extremely necessary component.

In this panorama, Enjoy Travel Group (ETG) represents an interesting example when evaluating the progress of the programs and businesses that are exhibited in the travel arena and the dealings of local companies with foreign specialists.

ETG spokespersons point out that it is a tour operator that sells all types of trips, It is the leader in Cuba in terms of the accessibility travel market segment, in a wide portfolio in which it organizes tourism conferences and works with all organizations in the island linked to that type of tourist.

But its breadth of operations covers nature, beach, city tourism, cultural trips, incentives and conventions and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans, groups of people with sexual orientations and gender identities related to those four words) .

The company promotes trips and experiences to meet the expectations of the most demanding travelers, its executives say.

Precisely, ETG presented this weekend (March 15) at the Meliá Cohiba Hotel in this capital a new flight from Madrid (Spain) to Havana scheduled to begin on June 29.

At the meeting, they highlighted that their work represents the activity of a Spanish vertical wholesale tour operator with more than 20 years of experience, passionate about Cuba and travel, with a presence in Latin America and Europe. They currently manage more than 15 weekly air routes connecting Cuba and the Caribbean.

During the meeting at the Havana Café of the aforementioned hotel, the commercial director of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) of Cuba, Giana Galindo, praised these efforts and highlighted the relevance of the island of Iberian origin.

She pointed out that Mintur’s goal for this year is to attract 100,000 visitors from Spain when in the summer 18 weekly frequencies or flights from airlines such as Plus Ultra, Cubana de Aviación, or Iberia, among others, are planned. She said that Spain is the number 10 market for Cuba at the moment, in terms of tourism.

The executives reiterated that as of June 29, a new Madrid-Havana – Madrid air route will begin, which will extend until September 7, operated by a Plus Ultra A330-200 aircraft, with 288 seats, including 24 in Business class.

The departure to Havana will be on Saturdays in the afternoon, which allows travelers from other Spanish provinces, such as Asturias, Valencia, Galicia, Catalonia and Andalusia, to connect with the flight, using high-speed trains.

To guarantee this operation, ETG signed a contract with high-speed train transport companies, such as Renfe and Iryo, the two most important in Spain.

This company maintains excellent working ties with the main hotel chains based in Cuba, such as Iberostar, Blue Diamond Resorts, Meliá Hotels International and Kempinski, among others. All of this exemplifies a development in line with Cuba’s purpose of recovering its travel industry.