Endedans Ballet returns to Havana with premieres

havana-live-Carmen-endedansHAVANA, 28 June Camagueyan Contemporary Ballet Company, Endedans, directed by maestra and choreographer, Tania Vergara, is set to perform in Havana in July with the premieres of the pieces By Friction, Furs and Momentos en el viento (Moments in the Wind).

The recently renovated Marti Theater will be the venue of the Endedans shows on July 18, 19 and 20, with pieces choreographed by Danish choreographer, Jens Bjerregaard, and Cuba’s Pedro Alberto de Jesús.
Without leaving behind the plastic and virtuoso movements of classical ballet, this time the company time will assume the style of the above mentioned choreographers, who chose scores by different contemporary composers. With both critics and audiences acclaim, Endedans is a company based in the eastern Cuban city of Camagüey, known for its fruitful work on the island’s national scene and its results in various competitive events.
Its aesthetic is based on the need to recreate a visual world full of symbolism, gesture and a strong relationship among the characters of its pieces. The company’s repertoire includes awarded pieces, such as La muerte del Hombre (Man’s Death) from 2004, and Las manos que nunca me tocaron (The Hands that Never Touched Me) from 2007, among others.