Electric cars for 8,900 euros will be sold at ExpoCuba

Electric cars for 8,900 euros will be sold at ExpoCuba

HAVANA, July 11. The company FINAUTO Internacional, the official distributor of the South Korean car brand KIA, will sell small electric cars for 8,900 eurosat ExpoCuba during the Second Local Development Fair in Havana, the vice president of the Administration Council of the capital, Luis Carlos Góngora, reported on Facebook.

“Foreign company FINAUTO with offers of electric cars for the new local economic actors, in the modalities of ride car, refrigerated cargo and open cargo,” said Góngora.

The cars shown by Góngora in his publication have also been promoted by FINAUTO on their social networks. According to a Facebook post made by this entity at the beginning of June, there are three models in which only the cargo space they have changed: one has an uncovered deposit (8,900 euros), another has it covered (10,500 euros ) for “isothermal” loads and the third is refrigerated for cold loads (11,950 euros).

According to this FINAUTO publication, these vehicles have a range that ranges between 100 and 210 kilometers, they have “electric windows”, rearview cameras, Bluetooth technology and USB ports. The cars weigh 550 kilograms, reach a maximum speed of 57 kilometers per hour and their dimensions in millimeters are 3,600 (length), 1,345 (width) and 1,765 (height).

Góngora, who also directs the International Relations and Foreign Trade of the Havana Government, emphasized that this fair will be “a summer party for all the capital’s men and women, a party for the business community of Havana,” the official Citizen’s Portal reported days ago. from Havana.

This official said that the event (to be held from July 11 to 16) will serve “to eliminate obstacles that today stop the materialization of projects in the 15 municipalities of the capital.”

At the end of May, it was news that the UAZ company, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Russia, would begin to assemble its vehicles in Cuba.

Sources from the company itself announced that the assembly of the SKD model will begin on the island between July and August, although the Cuban authorities have shown their interest in UAZ Profi cars, sort of trucks, and in ambulances created on the basis of the model. UAZ Loaf is a panel car whose primary use has been as a military vehicle.

Also in May, the company Fuego Enterprises Inc., owned by Cuban-American businessman Hugo Cancio, who is close to the island’s regime, announced that it would begin to import cars for sale in Cuba.

According to a company statement, this business was authorized by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury.