Electric buses are going to drive through the streets of Havana

Electric buses are going to drive through the streets of HavanaHAVANA, Nov. 22th An electric bus of type E12, from the company Yutong  to avoid pollution with gases and save energy, will circulate in Havana.

The bus, which does not emit any noise, had to be adapted to Cuban conditions, since it worked with 380 volts, while on the Island it works with 110, 220 or 440 volts.

It is expected that it will soon be operational on route 18, from the capital, which begins its journey in the Palatino terminal, in the Cerro municipality, continues through Centro Habana and ends  in Old Havana.

Daniel Ríos Santos, an urban bus driver with 25 years of experience and without any traffic accident , has been designated by his merits as driver of this new model of ecological bus.

The one who is already known as the first Cuban ecological driver, revealed to the Radio Rebelde station website that he arrived in Yutong when the company started looking for drivers with more than 20 years of experience and without traffic accidents.

He was chosen because of his professionalism: his respect for his schedule, the passengers, his clothes and the care of the omnibus.

“They sat down with me to explain to me that I was going to come to Cuba with a new eco-friendly bus model and they asked me if I was interested in defending it at the Havana International Fair 2016. They also told me that in the future I could be their driver.

“I clearly accepted, and that year, the team picked up the Gold Medal Award and the Best Design.”

Yutong started taking buses to Cuba in 2005, with an initial batch of 12 vehicles. Since then, he has sold more than 6,000 units to the island.