Dutch low cost airline will fly to Cuba from Brazil and Argentina

Dutch low cost airline will fly to Cuba from Brazil and Argentina

HAVANA, Nov 5 The new Dutch airline Fly Caribbean Direct has announced that by mid-2020 it will include Cuba in its list of Caribbean countries.. that it will reach with its passenger air transportation service.

As you can read on its website, the destination will be Varadero, although some media outlets point to Havana as the port that will receive the planes.

This initiative is led by Stephan Huisman, an entrepreneur from the travel industry, who said: “We see great potential for vacation flights between South America and the Caribbean and this vision is backed by local operators with what we have alliances that include flights and destinations in your travel packages. ”

Other destinations in America included in this initiative are Aruba, Bonaire, Punta Cana, and Cancun. The two Airbus 320 lease planes that will handle the trips will depart from Buenos Aires and Cordoba, Argentina, as well as Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

For this, the company ensures that it has the support of a team of managers and local operators.

Another company, the German Eurowings, opened an air route between Munich and Santa Clara on Monday with the arrival of 370 passengers. These flights will be maintained from now on every Saturday, for 52 weeks, coinciding with the high season of tourism.