Driver of Cuban medical brigade kidnapped in Haiti

Driver of Cuban medical brigade kidnapped in Haiti

HAVANA, Jan. 31st According to the island’s official media, a driver from Cuba’s medical brigade in Haiti was kidnapped a week ago, citing the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP). According to the Minsap information, Alejandro Aguilera was kidnapped on January 23 in Port-au-Prince “by one of the gangs that operate outside the law in that country.”

“Immediately and with due discretion, which is essential in situations of this nature, negotiations with the Haitian authorities began with the highest priority, to achieve the safe and prompt release of the Cuban collaborator,” he said. the ministry.

The other members of the medical brigade in Haiti, according to Cuban authorities, “are well, complying as of now with the security measures established for the performance of their duties and their protection.”

“The relatives of the collaborator, who works for the Provincial Health Directorate of Las Tunas, are kept informed,” the note continued (east). Kidnappings in Haiti have increased in the last two years as a result of the proliferation of armed gangs that profit from ransoms.

The Cuban Embassy in Port-au-Prince reported a doctor’s release 10 days after she was kidnapped in January of last year. In her case, she worked on her behalf and was not a member of the Cuban medical brigade deployed in Haiti, which, according to official data, currently consists of hundreds of professionals.