Dominican Republic and Cuba sign Cooperation Agreement

República Dominicana y Cuba firman convenio de cooperación en varias áreas

HAVANA, May 6th (PL) Dominican Republic and Cuba signed a Cooperation Agreement with the objective of promoting technical, scientific, educational and cultural cooperation, through programs and specific actions in priority areas for both nations.

The document was initialed at the Foreign Ministry’s headquarters by Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas and Cuban Ambassador Milagros Carina Soto, in the presence of a delegation from the island headed by Deputy Minister Ana Teresita Gonzáles of deputy ministers. Dominicans and officials of the two countries.

Once signed the agreement Soto thanked the presence of the foreign minister, the Cuban delegation as well as the rest of those present both the Cuban embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country and said: ‘for us this act is a confirmation of relations historical facts that exist between our countries ‘.

Count on Cuba, in my country you will always have you and the Dominican Republic a friend, a brother who shakes hands and is in the possibility of working together to achieve the continuity of relations and their deepening, he added.

For his part, Vargas, highlighted the satisfaction of having in the signing of the agreement with the presence of a Cuban delegation with Vice Minister Gonzalez at the head which ratified the desire of his government to ‘continue deepening relations and supporting each other’.

He also said that in these two days of work between the two nations, in addition to the signature made on Monday, political talks will be held, already begun, to explore areas of cooperation and provide the strengths that each one has.

He also said that we should analyze everything we can do in commercial matters to complement each other, it is very important in the region to concentrate potentials and we must review how we do in a beneficial way for both.

Tomorrow, the foreign minister added, the round of migratory talks will be held to achieve a safe and orderly migration so that we can expand our visions within the framework of the laws.

In the signed document, spaces for collaboration and exchange are promoted in topics such as education, health, agriculture, environmental management, food security, regional integration, technical cooperation in tourism, sports and people with disabilities.

In addition, biennial programs are foreseen in accordance with the priorities established in the respective development plans and strategies, in the modalities of exchange of specialists, joint accomplishment of research projects, scholarships, organization of workshops, seminars and conferences and consulting services, among others