Dome of the Capitol of Havana will also be gold plated

Dome of the Capitol of Havana will also be gold plated

HAVANA, Aug. 9th The dome of the Capitol of Havana, one of the most complex objects of restoration of that monumental

Havana building will once again be gold plated.

 These days, Russian and Cuban specialists from the Office of the Historian of the City (OHC) are working to restore its original color, with the placement of gold-plated plates on top of the building, headquarters of the National Assembly of Cuba, which It must be completed before the end of 2019.

In this way, a shining golden bath will also look like the emblematic statue of the Republic, restored by experts from Russia – who applied a thin layer of 24 karat gold to the monument – and recently reopened during the visit to the Russian Chancellor’s Island Sergey Lavrov.
The team of the television series Nature Secret of Cuba shared images of the dome on its Facebook profile, where it confirmed that it is subjected to «an intense work based on its restoration».

At the end of 2018, OFC specialists offered details of the restoration of the dome, which together with the placement of the golden plates, also includes the strengthening of its concrete and steel structures and the rescue of other decorative elements.

In addition, as has been done in the rest of the building, modern security, electricity and hydraulic systems are installed.

Due to the symmetry and detail in its decorative and architectural elements, the dome is one of the distinctive elements of the Capitol, whose works must be concluded this year as part of the actions for the 500th anniversary of Havana.

The dome rises to 91.72 meters from street level. Because of its height and diameter, it is the sixth in the world and at the time of its construction it was only exceeded in its style by that of St. Peter in Rome and that of St. Paul in London.

The scaffolding raised for restoration is a complex metal structure prepared to withstand winds of up to 150 kilometers per hour and lightning and storm proof, according to technicians.

The process for the complete restoration of the Capitol of Havana began in 2010 with an investment close to 150 million Cuban pesos (about six million dollars), according to OHC data.

The construction of this building of eclectic classicism considered a replica – although not exact – of the US Capitol located in Washington, cost about 16 million dollars and in its structure, it gathered generous amounts of marble, bronzes and precious woods for its stairs, columns, porches, furniture, and lamps.

Designed by Cuban architects Raúl Otero and Eugenio Rayneri Piedra and inaugurated in 1929 during the term of Gerardo Machado after three years of construction, the Capitol hosted both houses of Congress until the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, when it was destined to others Finnish.

In recent decades it housed the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment, and today, in addition to serving as the headquarters of the National Assembly, it is visited by the public and tourists to make guided tours in groups by the spaces already restored.

Translated from Oncuba