Discovering Cuba: the best selling excursions

Discovering Cuba: the best selling excursions

HAVANA, Aug. 9th To visit the most beautiful places that the Island offers, you have to take your time.

Cuba is much more than Havana or Varadero. Sadly, most tourists and many Cubans (I must add) have refused the opportunity to assimilate all the benefits of our fields, beaches, and cities.

One of the most frequent reasons is time and money. Let’s face it, renting a vehicle in Cuba is expensive and on many occasions, it is not worth taking a trip without an agenda.

Therefore, hired excursions have become the most economical and feasible route for travelers and nationals. The scheduled tours give you the opportunity to visit the desired place without headaches. How to choose the best destination? We offer you a trip through the best-selling excursions on the Island. Goodbye, stress. Hello, vacations!

Tour Havana in a luxury classic car

Discovering Cuba: the best selling excursions


If it is your first time in Cuba, the capital is the most appropriate point to gradually discover the rest of the Island. Imagine it. The boardwalk, the sunset and you in a classic car. That scene that seems to come out of a film of the fifties can become a reality. Booking is easy. The point of convergence of these vehicles is in Central Park, near the Capitol. Generally, its price is negotiable. Don’t be afraid to haggle.

Viñales Valley

It is perhaps one of the most requested excursions by tourists because it is less than two hundred kilometers from the capital. The route from Havana to the Valley is very lively since guides usually stop at rum factories and tobacco plantations along the way. Snapshots for Instagram here are guaranteed!

Discovering Cuba: the best selling excursions

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Cienfuegos, Trinidad y Topes

Discovering Cuba: the best selling excursions


It is an excursion that will penetrate your memory. Of course, it may take a couple of days to do it because you will visit different destinations that you will never want to leave. The historic cities of Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara stand as perfect enclaves to disconnect and take a well-deserved rest between exponents of colonial architecture, wonderful sunsets, sunny days and landscapes that will steal your words.

Even if the beach is your thing, do not worry, because in Trinidad there is Ancon Beach, a heavenly place. The tour concludes in the natural reserve of Topes de Collantes, perfect for naturalists.

Girón Beach

Discovering Cuba: the best selling excursions


The next mandatory stop is not far away. Just three hours from Havana, south of the province of Matanzas, is one of the most visited destinations for fans of flora and fauna. The Ciénaga de Zapata is ideal for the practice of ecotourism.

Some mandatory places are the crocodile farm, Caleta Buena, the Cueva de los Peces, the Boca-Guamá complex, and the villas of Playa Girón. Not only will the adventurers be stunned by the beauty of the seabed, this destination will also surprise you with its gastronomic offerings.

Santiago de Cuba

Discovering Cuba: the best selling excursions


Visiting Santiago is a highly recommended option. It is a destination where traditions and landscapes converge. A musical city par excellence, Santiago is the cradle of son and bolero. Walking its streets means being part of a cultural experience that will leave you speechless.

Excursions to the historic center generally include tours of its places of greatest interest. Among them, the Loma de San Juan, the Vista Alegre neighborhood, the Revolution Square, the old Moncada Barracks, the Morro Castle and the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

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