Directory promotes private enterprise in Havana

HAVANA, June 11 (IPS) With the intention of “promoting and bringing closer” the enterprises that currently “are part of the business ecosystem of the private sector in Cuba”, the CubaEmprende project has published a new Directory of companies.

The product gathers information from some 105 businesses in Havana, which participated in the Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship November events, held last year.

The guide offers “a brief description of each business, as well as the necessary data to contact them,” the document explains in its presentation.

Yunairy Estrada, founder of the recycled paper company, Ecopapel, says that “the tool is very useful, because information that is often dispersed, is now available in one place”.

“In addition, it allows us to contact the people who manage a business and also makes things easier for customers,” added the young woman, who owns a small workshop in Old Havana, where she makes manufactured products for the state and private sector. .

Estrada also commented that the new tool “helps a lot those who are starting and perhaps have not been able to have much promotion”.

For his part, Alejandro Pérez, head of DataPlus, a company that offers technological solutions for data networks and security systems, considers that “the directory is a way to find a service quickly.”

In this regard, said that although your company, about 10 months of creation, does not appear in the repository, “when they include it will be very useful, because it will be in sight of potential customers.”

“It helps us a lot, because the first to have the directory are the entrepreneurs, and they are the ones who request our services of video cameras, surveillance systems, alarms and access control”, he emphasized.

In its 51 pages, the directory provides details about goods and services from various sectors, such as accommodation and property management, textile confections, dance schools and event organization, beauty and wellness centers, business consulting and management, as well as Communication and publicity.

In the same way, there are references on photography, design and printing businesses, handicraft productions, stores, decorative items, architecture, nurseries, messaging and hydraulic solutions.

The CubaEmprende project updates the directory in a systematic way, with the information of the new companies that participate in the main events convened each year.

Likewise, the public attending the annual fairs, which take place in the month of May, can obtain a similar guide, in printed format, with the fundamental data of the businesses that appear in the program as exhibitors or guests for the presentation of products. or services.

Since its creation in 2012, CubaEmprende has prioritized the creation of opportunities for the development and promotion of the emerging Cuban private company, from workshops and training courses, training for the development of a business project, consultancies and expoferias.

At present, in addition to the headquarters in Havana, located in the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center, located in the Historic District, the initiative has two other branches in the provinces of Cienfuegos and Camagüey. (2018)