HAVANA, March 9th  Diego Maradona’s lawyer revealed that his client had three children, adolescents, in Cuba. The Argentine star will visit Havana in the year to perform DNA tests and recognize them.

Diego Maradona decided to assume everything. His lawyer Matias Morla made some big revelations about his private life. “Diego has three children in Cuba and he will recognize them,” he said in the show “Nosotros a la mañana” on the channel “Eltrece” in Argentina. The coach of Dorados de Sinaloa will travel to Havana, at the end of the second division championship in Mexico. He will do DNA tests and go to court to officially recognize them.

 Maradona had “misbehaved” in 2000 in Cuba
The three children would be two different women, are already teenagers and one is major. Diego Maradona would count, with them, eight children. The last three joining Dalma, Gianonna, Diego Junior, Jana and Diego Fernandes. In October 2018, Mathias Morla had slipped to the surprise that Diego Maradona had “misbehaved” in Cuba in January 2000. Asked about this sentence by the journalist who asked if children of Maradona would arise in the wild, the lawyer has so everything confessed.

Maradona always in touch with these three children
In January 2000, Diego Maradona was in Cuba for a cocaine detox. A few days before this stay, because of this drug, he had not passed away from death in Punta del Este in Uruguay. Since 2005, Diego Maradona has made a few trips to Cuba, never failing to visit Fidel Castro, his friend, who died in 2016.

The lawyer Mathias Marlo has maintained the dialogue with the three children for several years, according to the information of “Clarin”, Argentine media. Diego Maradona is no longer married and is even single since his break with Verónica Ojeda.

“Three more and you’ll be able to make a football team!”
When interviewed by Eltrece, Diego Junior, son of Diego Maradona, explained that he “knew nothing about all this” but that “they are my brothers and I have no problem to know them and to have links with them” . On the other hand, Gianinna Maradona, his daughter, and ex-wife of Sergio Aguero, left a more ironic message: “Three more and you will be able to make a football team! You can do it! “In the Los Angeles Times, she said” do not be surprised “by this kind of revelation.