Did you know that DimeCuba makes it easy for you to get a Cuban passport?

Did you know that DimeCuba makes it easy for you to get a Cuban passport?

HAVANA, Feb. 2nd. Through DimeCuba, Antilleans can count on an extraordinary service that facilitates the renewal and extension of Cuban passports.It is very important for all Cubans abroad to have their travel document in force and ready for use. This, above all, because it is a mandatory requirement, especially if a visit to Cuba is planned.

However, like all legal procedures, this one requires a series of steps and paperwork that can be a bit complicated and annoying for many people. Therefore, many people prefer to seek support and advice to carry them out, getting rid of worries and saving a lot of time.

One of the most reliable companies offering Cuban passport processing services is DimeCuba, which also offers excellent prices. It is a company, with offices in the state of Florida, designed to meet many of the needs of Cubans abroad.

Although this company offers a variety of services, in this opportunity we will tell you about its alternative for the management of the passport in an easy and safe way from the USA.

First of all, this service offers Cubans the renewal or extension of their passport in an efficient and reliable manner. To this end, it has made available to the public a series of highly qualified executives who will be in charge of processing your requirements.

Likewise, DimeCuba’s staff will provide you with advice on how to gather the documents to process either of these two procedures (extension or renewal). In this way, you will be free of doubts and totally sure that your application will move forward in a timely manner, by putting yourself in the hands of real experts.

Cuban passport renewal service from DimeCuba

As mentioned, DimeCuba currently offers services for the renewal of the Cuban passport.

This alternative allows you to renew blue Cuban passports, i.e., those issued as of January 1, 2010. However, it is also ideal for those who do not have a current or biometric passport, as it also helps you to request a passport for the first time.

Therefore, if you wish to renew or request a Cuban passport for the first time from the United States, you can do it from DimeCuba. To do so, you only need to have the following documents:

– First, photocopy of ID with photo

– Photocopy of Passport (If your passport is prior to January 1, 2010)

– Original birth certificate (if you are obtaining your passport for the first time or if your current passport is not biometric)

Likewise, for both cases, for the service of renewal of the Cuban passport DimeCuba has a fee of $409 USD. This price applies both for the renewal, as well as for the cases of requesting the travel document for the first time.

If you wish to learn more about passport renewal, you can request the information you want through its official website at this link. You can also visit any of the company’s offices in Florida, located in Miami and Tampa.

Cuban passport extension service from DimeCuba

Also, with DimeCuba, Cubans in the United States can count on the passport extension service. Let’s remember that this alternative is aimed at Cuban citizens with blue passports issued since January 1, 2010.

Therefore, those interested in applying for this service only need to gather the following documents:

– First, photocopy of photo ID

– Original passport

In addition, the cost for this procedure is $199 USD.

Likewise, those interested can obtain information related to this procedure through the company’s website available at this link. Likewise, DimeCuba’s advisors will guide you about its passport extension service by visiting you personally at its offices in Florida.

Therefore, you can visit them at the following addresses:

– 3750 W 16th Ave Ste 100, Miami, FL 33012, United States (View in GoogleMaps)

– 4040 W Waters Ave #103, Tampa, FL 33614, United States (View in GoogleMaps)