Díaz-Canel avoids using the term “femicide”

Díaz-Canel avoids using the term "femicide"

HAVANA, Mar. 10th. When various independent platforms report more and more acts of femicide in Cuba, the island’s government, led by Díaz-Canel, avoids the use of the term when it comes to crimes committed by men on women.

With a supposedly “advanced” Family Code and a “normalization of gender identities,” the Cuban president insists on criticizing those media that maintain a report of this type of events, alleging that everything is part of a “construction ”.

“The subversive anti-Cuban platforms try to impose the matrix that feminicide exists in Cuba, a term that indicates alleged state inaction in the face of gender-based violent acts.

We can categorically assure here that this is a media construction completely foreign to Cuban reality,” said the president in the closing speech of the congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), this Friday.

Of course, in his words he did make clear the measures adopted by his government to address the “murders of women”:

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“There can be no impunity in Cuba, much less for crimes motivated by any type of discrimination and above all against women.

The legal norms that I mentioned above have very precise sections that classify as crimes the most diverse figures that can undermine the physical, psychological or moral integrity of women,” he added.

Although he acknowledged that in Cuba last year the number of people convicted of sexist murders tripled compared to the 2022 record and that in 93% of the cases, the sanctions exceeded 20 years in prison, while five cases deserved life imprisonment, their insistence was on the manipulation of the figures of many platforms opposed to the State.

While independent spaces such as Yo Sí Te Creo and Alas Tensas have confirmed that in 2023 a total of 88 sexist murders were recorded, more than double those recorded the previous year, the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic established that at the end of October.

In 2023, 117 sexist crimes were reported, without making it clear if the figure includes cases in the investigation process and already sentenced.