Descemer Bueno teams up with Juanes and Estopa

havana-live-descemer-buenoHavana, August 9 (EFE)  Descemer Bueno, composer of the hit “Bailando,” which topped the charts in several countries this summer, announced his new projects with Colombian singer Juanes and the Spanish duo Estopa. Descember Bueno singer-songwriter and disc producer was referring to the number “La Maleta,” in which he accompanies Juanes, and the artistic project with Estopa, the rock/rumba duo with whom he recorded the song “Pastillas para Dormir,” the official Prensa Latina news agency reported.
Bueno also spoke about his plan to invite the famous rapper and reggaeton star of Jamaican origin, Sean Paul, to give concerts in Cuba this September. Nor could he fail to mention the tremendous international reception that the music video of “Bailando” has enjoyed in the version he did with Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, members of the Cuban reggaeton group Gente de Zona, and dancers of the Lizt Alfonso troupe.
He also said that his next performances abroad will be in Panama and the Dominican Republic. Descemer Bueno, currently one of the most popular figures of Cuban music both on the island and internationally, recently gave his first concerts in Santiago de Cuba, where he took part in the 23rd anniversary of the Tropicana Santiago cabaret of that city, some 940 kilometers (584 miles) east of Havana.