A delegation of businessmen from Israel will travel to Cuba in December

A delegation of businessmen from Israel will travel to Cuba in December


HAVANA, Oct. 17th  A delegation of Israeli businessmen  will travel to Cuba in December with the approval of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, reports The Times of Israel.

This is the first visit to the island nation organized by the Israel-Latin America Chamber of Commerce, a non-governmental organization that seeks to advance Israeli commercial interests in the continent and wants to promote trade with several Cuban state corporations.

The three-day retinue on the island will consist of 15 to 20 Israeli executives from the fields of agriculture, renewable energy, water, food production, real estate, pharmacy and chemicals.

Before the trip, the businessmen will spend a seminar in Tel Aviv on the commercial policies of Havana.

After 25 years of close ties, Havana broke off relations with Israel in September 1973.

The historic establishment of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana in 2015 reopened the talks for the governments of Israel and Cuba also to approach, although this has not materialized.

The Cuban government supports the Palestinian cause. Israel voted for years in the United Nations against the resolution of condemnation to the American embargo that routinely presents Havana.

Last year, for the first time, he abstained from voting, as did the then US President Barack Obama.

At the beginning of October the holder of Israeli Culture was on the island in an unusual private trip, according to Haaretz newspaper is the first visit of an Israeli minister active in the Island since 1973.