Davide Lo Surdo: A Name written in Eternity Arrives in Cuba in May

Davide Lo Surdo: The guitar of the eternal musician at Cuba’s National Museum 

HAVANA, March 17th. The historic Italian guitarist, Davide Lo Surdo, recognized by Rolling Stone magazine as the fastest guitarist in music history, has announced a tour in Cuba, during which he will perform at the most prestigious events on the Cuban island.

He will be performing at the FITCUBA 2024 event and the CubaDisco 2024 event and will be touring our country from May 2nd to May 15th in the cities of Cayo Coco and La Habana.

All details of the performances will be announced in the coming weeks.

The tour is organized by EBM WORLD Cuba and has been sponsored by: TravelNet Cuba, Color Travels, the Italian Agency “Comunque Viaggi,” and Paolo Montecchiari.


Last year, Davide Lo Surdo entered eternity when his signature guitar was permanently conferred to an American museum of historical instruments called “Sigal,” where instruments played by Mozart and Chopin are also preserved.

Lo Surdo was also included in the important music history book “Rock Memories 2” alongside legends such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon.