Dancers tour Havana to the rhythm of Cuban sound

HAVANA, May 27 The emblematic Malecón, the almendrones and the streets of Havana became mute witnesses of “Baila Havana”, the Ben Cox documentary where the corners of the Cuban capital are covered from the dance.

For a little more than three minutes, a portrait of the island’s traditional dance culture is presented.

A video, which features a protest music, starring professionals of the school Baila Habana by Sabine Müller.

“Stop the pain, the demagogy, the oppression, the one that tries to trample on your illusion, the one who wants to sully your culture” is the refrain of a creation set in motion after seven days of discovery through the streets of Havana.

“I booked a vacation in Cuba for two weeks thinking about resting from work but before I left I began to realize that I would lose a great opportunity if I did not shoot during my time there,” Cox told the Traveler magazine.

A documentary that depicts Cuban vitality, energy and passion in the midst of places full of magic and light.

“I spent a lot of time wandering the streets to find colors and textures, and create a beautiful portrait of the city to accompany the dance, I think one of the best things about Havana is that I never felt insecure.

It is such a welcoming and hospitable place, and the people are very friendly, “he confessed to the before mentioned newspaper.