Dancers from 18 countries will perform in the streets of Havana in the Festival

Dancers from 18 countries will perform in the streets of Havana in the FestivalHAVANA, Apr 2 (PL) Artists from 18 countries will perform in the streets of this capital from April 11 to 15, on the occasion of the International Dance Festival in urban landscapes, organizers announced today.

The 23rd edition of the event, also known as the Old Havana: City in Motion, offers a series of exhibitions, concerts, audiovisual projections and dance performances in streets, squares, parks and museums in the historic center of Havana.

As every year, the festival promotes opportunities for professional development through courses, workshops, lectures and master classes, given by national and foreign teachers.

It is organized by the dance-theater company Retazos and the Office of the Historian of the City; with the support of the Theater Center of Havana.

Some of the techniques tackled will be Afro-Cuban Bailes, Mestiza, Arará, Contemporary Dance, Tango, Retazos and Contact Improvisation, by professionals like Sofía Barriga, from Ecuador; John Fandiño, from Colombia, Luca Carco and Paula Zacharias, from Argentina; Reinado Echemendía, Jhoannes García and Isabel Bustos, from Cuba.

According to the director of the event, Isabel Bustos (National Dance Award 2012), this festival promotes the link between the common inhabitants of the city with their surroundings through movement, and contributes to the culture in a new and enthusiastic way.

The founder sees as achievements the incorporation of more than a thousand artists and the development of the creativity of the participants, who – in her view – come to share as in a brotherhood.

23 years ago, when the festival was created, the proposal to move the art to the streets, on cobblestones, wells, benches and walls, was unusual, however, Bustos’ project pleased the roads, taught the artists to use the public space and even drew attention to the architectural wonders of the oldest area of ​​Havana.

For the present edition is expected the presence of 29 national groups and representatives of countries such as Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States, Italy, Norway, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland and Mexico, where the largest delegation will come from.

The general coordinator of the festival, Eugenio Chávez, drew attention at a press conference on improvisations in urban spaces that surprise passers-by and also involve them.

As part of the event, the Cuban troubadours Pedro Luis Ferrer and Gerardo Alfonso will give concerts on April 14 and 15, respectively, the first at the National Museum of Fine Arts and the second at the Teatro Retazos dance venue.

Before the opening gala, the British photographer Jessica Angel will open, in the Guayasamín House, the exhibition Liquid heat, which celebrates the dance and culture of Latin America and, in particular, that of Cuba.