D Havana, a new perfume for the capital of Cuba in its 500 years

D Habana, un nuevo perfume para la capital de Cuba en sus 500 años

HAVANA, Nov 4th (ACN) The company Suchel Camacho S.A. It produced a new aroma dedicated to the half millennium of the Villa de San Cristóbal, which has an attractive and elegant design that includes the image of the Giraldilla on the lid of the bottle.

Mercedes Priede González, communicator of the entity, told the ACN that the perfume will be called D Habana, a design game, since the letter D means 500 in Roman numerals.
He explained that the product will be for females, with a floral aroma and some citrus, and will be in the national market in the second quarter of 2019.

The specialist explained that once the project was completed it was presented to the city historian Eusebio Leal, who was delighted and donated some words that will be in the container. Delicate fragrance, subtle aroma, only perceptible in its intimate intention by those who know the secret key. Dedicated to Havana, a beautiful city with a sweet woman’s name, like all good perfume, it becomes an unforgettable memory, Leal wrote.

About the design of the case, said that symbols of the Villa de San Cristóbal appear, such as the Castle of the Three Magi of El Morro, the dome of the Giraldilla and the Capitol.D Havana, a new perfume for the capital of Cuba in its 500 years

For this year Suchel Camacho S.A. plans to start marketing an extension of the Alicia line, one of the most recognized brands of the company.

Alicia Intense will be the name of the new product, with a very refreshing bottle, bright and that has a container that serves as a gift box, very well designed for the end of the year celebrations, he warned. He added that it is a new perfume, with another floral note, and a design that simulates a handkerchief that a lady wears around her neck, reinforcing the elegance of the brand Alicia

It will also be accompanied by an extension of the line of creams, with different natural ingredients, announced Priede González, while clarifying that these latest items will be available in 2019.