Cultural Center Pabellon Cuba, A Space for Books in Havana

HAVANA, Jan 26 (PL) The cultural center Pabellon Cuba, in one of the most central streets in this capital, will be the second venue to the International Book Fair (IBF), a place especially devoted to young people, according to reportstoday.

According to Provincial Book Center Director Dulce Maria Dominguez, more than 700 literary new works will be for sale for the first time at Pabellon Cuba, starting from February 19, and there will be auctions of used and rare books.

There will be new printings of books by great Cuban writers, such as ‘Paradiso,’ by Jose Lezama Lima and ‘Versions,’ by Eliseo Diego, she said.

As usual in the IBF, there will be presentations of sought-after books at the central area of Pabellon Cuba and in the afternoons, there nwill be concerts and other artistic programs, she explained.

The cultural center La Pergola will be a space for Cuban music by singer-songwriters and jazz, besides gatherings with poets and other musicians.

This time, the IBF will be dedicated to Armando Hart Davalos, revolutionary writer that established guidelines in the development of the country, said Dominguez. Thus, several books by that author will be sold during the event.

There will be several activities for Canada, the honorary guest country, including the exhibition of a cycle of films produced in that country, such as ‘Blindness,’ ‘Copenhagen’ and ‘Popeye’s Voyage.’