Cuba’s state companies get more autonomy

Cuba giving more autonomy to state companies

HAVANA, Sep 28 ( PL) The Council of Ministers of Cuba approved new measures to improve the work of state companies, local media reported on Monday.The provisions are aimed at giving more autonomy to the grassroots state units (UEB) and make their operations more flexible, the head of the Permanent Commission for Implementation and Development, Marino Murillo, said at the meeting.

Among the elements that will change is the distribution of revenues after paying taxes, which can be distributed among workers without the current limit of up to five mean salaries, and will not be conditioned on the compliance with indicators.

Likewise, the entire entrepreneurial system will benefit from the so-called ‘payment for performance’ that is currently applied by companies in Entrepreneurial Improvement. In addition, retired workers can be hired to hold a similar post like the one they had before getting their pension.

Murillo explained that the faculties of executives have been expanded so that they can hire workers outside their working hours, in specific services different from those they do.

Another transformation is that some grassroots entrepreneurial units can make financial states, pay taxes on revenues and distribute profits without having a legal personality, for which the company will have to relinquish a part of its heritage.

Authorities considered necessary and advisable to turn the UEB that end production cycles totally or partially, as well as those that do different activities, into enterprises, a situation that will have to be analyzed by the president of the Higher Organization of Business Manager.

Speaking at the meeting, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero highlighted the need to make better use of the measures approved to unleash the potentialities of state companies and productive forces in general.

He called to reduce imports of finished products and raw materials to complete the production cycles, as well as linking the industries and sectors demanded by the economy.