Cuba’s highest hotel will be managed by the French Accor Hotels

 Cuba's highest hotel will be managed by the French Accor HotelsHAVANA, May 16 (DDC) The so-called Torre Lopez-Callejas, Cuba’s highest future hotel whose real name has not yet been revealed, will be managed by the French  Accor Hotels, according to sources who ask for anonymity.

This entity will also exercise the management of the Prado and Malecón hotel, which will open its doors in 2019.

The French company Accor Hotels operates more than 4,000 hotels in 90 countries and has been present in Cuba since 1995, where it manages the Mercure Sevilla (Havana), Mercure Playa de Oro (Varadero) and Pullman Cayo Coco (Ciego de Ávila). The 1,000 capacities are surpassed in Cuba, which will be doubled in 2022 if the López-Callejas Tower is finished.

The French construction company Bouygues Batiment Internacional (BBI) and the Union of Military Constructions (UCM), belonging to GAESA, will be responsible for building the new skyscraper of Vedado, keeping current the policy of hiring foreign operators for construction work.

Since the Cuban side is committed to 100% of the investment, hypothetically employing 500 Indian and Pakistani workers, with salaries of around 2,000 dollars a month, during the four years of construction, Cuba will have to pay for this concept by of 50 million dollars.Cuba's highest hotel will be managed by the French Accor Hotels

A figure that doubles what was paid by the Odebrecht-GAESA company to the nearly 6,000 national workers who intervened in the construction of the Mariel megaport between 2010 and 2014.

The shocking thing is that the Cuban State exports the services of its health professionals to other countries, obtaining gross revenues of the order of billions of dollars, while it is obliged to import skilled workers to those who pay salaries 20 times higher than those accrued by the Cuban workers, including the doctors themselves.

In this way, 50 million dollars will leave the island to provide welfare in other countries, while the nationals plunge into misery because of low wages.

During his visit to Cuba in May 2015, the former French President, François Hollande, closed the Cuba-France Economic Forum at the Sevilla Hotel and stated there: “The cooperation between both countries should translate into benefits, progress, both for the Cuban people as for the French people, through the jobs we can create. “

Obviously, this will not be the case for the Cuban people, who are belittled by the military who hold the majority of the country’s tourism industry.