Cuba’s Forest Area Increases

Cuba's Forest Area Increases
HAVANA, May 29 (PL) Cuba closed 2018 with a forest density of 32.23 percent, which confirms the trend of growth in the area covered by forests in the last eight years, it was leaked today.

This was reported by doctor in science Odalys Goicochea, director of Environment at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma), in statements to newspaper Granma.

The specialist said the forests occupy around 3.242 million hectares.

The provinces of Pinar del Rio (far west) and Guantanamo (far east) continue to have the largest coverage on the island.

Goicochea assured that the actions included in the national program for beach rehabilitation were carried out, with the end of all planned technical projects, while around 72,000 hectares benefited from soil improvement and conservation measures.

At the end of 2018, the number of protected areas approved by the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers remained at 103, he pointed out.

However, in the first months of this year, another 16 received such endorsement in the categories of Ecological Reserve, Outstanding Natural Element, Wildlife Refuge, Managed Flower Reserve, Protected Natural Landscape and Protected Areas of Managed Resources.