Cubas communist party does not like a Netflix movie for mentioning the ‘Havana syndrome’

Cubas communist party does not like a Netflix movie for mentioning the 'Havana syndrome'

HAVANA, January 30. Under the title “Netflix charges against Cuba again”, the official newspaper Granma, forum of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC),He attacked the entertainment platform, which he accuses of connecting the conflict of the dystopian film Leaving the World Behind “with that political trick of Washington’s intelligence services, coined by them as the ‘sonic attacks’ of Havana.”

According to Julio Martínez Molina, author of the text, who is editor-in-chief of the newspaper 5 de Septiembre, of the PCC in Cienfuegos, Netflix “forgets and lies” when one of the characters in the film relates a high-tech attack against the United States, which causes the collapse of the country, with the so-called “Havana syndrome”, which caused Donald Trump to end the policy of political rapprochement agreed upon by the Barack Obama Administration.

The columnist questions that, while the North American nation is collapsing in the cinematographic plot, one of the protagonists of the film says about a loud sound that is heard from time to time: “It is not so different from what happened in Cuba a while ago.

Microwave weapons, they say. They produce radiation spread through sounds. Some lost their teeth there too.”


For Granma, “the fallacious discourse that a global viewing product like this, with well-known Hollywood stars, uses is extremely harmful in a current political context of such complexity.”

According to Martínez Molina, the science fiction plot of Leave the World Behind contributes, “as the indispensable ideological arm of the White House is American cinema, to the Yankee Government’s strategy of continuing to demonize Cuba and inventing new or old pretexts, in both misleading and miserable foundations to continue including it in spurious lists or other objectives.

According to the columnist, regarding the “Havana syndrome”, in the long run, numerous investigations have not been able to clarify the origin of the symptoms of health problems reported by US and Canadian diplomats and their relatives in Havana.

All of them, after reporting a penetrating sound of unknown origin. For Granma, it is enough that “there was no evidence or arguments.”

Martínez Molina also questions that another 2023 Netflix production, The Mother, an action comedy starring Jennifer López, drew Havana “as a gambling den where drug cartels and the arms business take refuge, a place in which “they kill with impunity and in which Latin American murderers roam freely, or the FBI comes and goes.”

However, Granma’s accusations against Leaving the World Behind avoid mentioning that the film is a production by Barack and Michelle Obama, in which the former US president, architect of the rapprochement with Havana, contributed a lot to the script.

In an interview with the American newspaper USA Today, the director of the film, Sam Esmail, said: “I have to say that (Barack Obama) is a great lover of cinema and that he did not limit himself to giving notes about things around him. “.

According to the director, Obama made use of his experience at the head of the White House to make clarifications in the scenes of the technological disaster that occurs in the science fiction plot.

Therefore, after reading the script, he and the director considered that some of the dystopian implications were unrealistic, so they were corrected.

Curiously, the former president did not question the mention of the “Havana syndrome”, which the PCC does not want to continue talking about even in the cinema.

Likewise, Granma’s accusation contrasts with La Red Avispa, a film that celebrates the work of the five spies of the Cuban regime in the United States, arrested and sentenced to long prison terms in that country in 2001.

As a result of that film, the Cuban exile José Basulto, creator of the organization Brothers to the Rescue, accused Netflix of making concessions to Havana, which would have interfered with the making of the film to guarantee a favorable version of the events in exchange for offering the Island as a location.

The accusation mentions the requirements that the Cuban authorities place on film projects and that they demand that they not be “detrimental to the image of the country and the people of Cuba.”

According to a report from the entertainment industry outlet The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix would have accepted the harmful nature of the lawsuit’s “description of Basulto as a puppet of the United States and a traitor to Cuba, the romanticization of the crimes committed by Fidel’s regime.” Castro, and the favorable image” of the five spies.

Last week, Netflix agreed to settle the defamation lawsuit.