Cuba’s Beaches under Quarantine: Celimar (video)

Cuba’s Beaches under Quarantine: Celimar (video)

HAVANA May 16th  In this video Cinthya and Edgar arrive by bicycle to Celimar located about 20 minutes by car east of Old Havana.

It’s a beautiful spot, although not a shadow of its former self due to erosion and the disappearance of infrastructure that existed.

Cinthya wanted to take a swim so they decided to go back to the sandy beach of Bacuranao (from their last video).  Celimar is now just a beautiful rocky coastline.

Before making the video, they did some research and came up with some unpublished photos of Celimar from over 60 years ago.

Here is the last video we published from Edgar and Cinthya titled: Road Cycling in Cuba.

Note: Both of these fun videos are only in Spanish but we thought you might like to see them anyhow.(HT)