Cubans react to viral cash sale announcement

Cubanos reaccionan a anuncio viral de venta de dinero en efectivo

HAVANA, Aug 14. The sale of national currency in cash could become a new and lucrative business in Cuba, as revealed by a publication that has gone viral in recent hours on social networks.“25 thousand CUP are sold in cash, I want 30 thousand in transfer. Anyone who disagrees should not criticize and go to the bank to look for it. I do not answer comments,” says the text in question along with a photo that shows several bundles of 50 pesos bills on a table.

Regardless of whether it is a joke or a true ad -something that is not clear- the unique ad has gone viral on various profiles and has generated hundreds of comments on what many ironically describe as a new area of “entrepreneurship”. ” in Cuba, a new “job”: selling money.

“The revolution always generating employment and new ventures”; “The revenge of the CUP has arrived”; “Pure Cuban intelligence and creativity”; “Entrepreneurs on the attack”; “Creative resistance”, “Cubanolandia”, “For those who say that the socialist system does not generate jobs”; “The state sets the laws and we Cubans do a business, that’s how it works,” were some of the reactions on the networks.

There was also someone who pointed out that the Cuban government follows Murphy’s Law to the letter: “If something can get worse, it will get worse,” sentenced an Internet user following the reasoning.

“After they collect all the cash that is on the street, they are going to put them in a museum so that one day they will say: ‘with 240 of those bills you could buy a dollar and with 1,200 of those same we would give to retirees so that they could buy the food from the basic food basket and could pay the PCC and the CDR.

I do not doubt that those who are buying CUP cash are working for the government in the “glorious task” of collecting cash from the hands of the population.

At the beginning of August, the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) imposed a strong control on cash through new measures aimed at the banking of collection and payment transactions between all the actors of the economy. The process seeks to minimize the use of cash.

The crisis has produced continuous complaints from people who cannot even extract their salaries due to lack of funds at ATMs.

In recent days, social networks have reported widespread malaise among a population fed up with each new measure, which only aggravates the economic crisis, parallel to inflation that empties the pockets of workers and pensioners.

It was recently learned that in Santiago de Cuba the queues for ATMs begin in the afternoon to try to get money the next morning.

Yodalis Blet, broadcaster, and director of radio and television programs in Guantánamo, denounced in recent days how the shortage of cash in the banks is making the daily life of Cubans residing on the island tremendously difficult. In a report published on her YouTube channel, Blet documented from her experience on the street how complicated life is on the island.