Cubans learn photography secrets for better shot at jobs

HAVANA, Feb. 20th Tourists flock to Havana to take pictures along the world famous Malecon and to shoot the beautiful iconic architecture. But many Cubans are now learning to take these shots in hopes of landing a good paying job.

In Havana, residents are receiving real-life lessons in photography at, likely, the only private photography school in Cuba.

Inside a room buzzing with people trying to get the skills so they can take off on their own.

Havana’s Creative School of Photography got started when Raul Castro’s government started allowing a private secor, but for Tomas Inda Barrero, it’s a passion that goes back to the age of 14.

“Photography is taught everywhere,” says the former military-turned-photojournalist. “Just that here they allow students to explore from a wide range of courses.”

102 students are currently enrolled, each paying $25 per class. It’s an equation that has worked as the school is about to celebrate its 7th Anniversary.

“Sometimes you’ll find you’re sitting next to other foreigners,” says student Maxilmiliano Cortes, who is from Mexico who comes twice a year just for the courses.

Unlike any State-run art school, at the Creative School for Photography, students can skip to others when they see fit.

The school wants to keep growing and move into a bigger space where they can use dark rooms, and add a second magazine to the one they digital version they already publish.