Cubans in the United States, Figures and Facts

 cuba_usa-flag HAVANA, Oct 25 (acn) The number of Cubans living The United States and their descendants has been calculated at 1.8 million, standing for 3.6 percent of all Latin Americans in that country, according recent demographic statistics.

Statistics from reports and studies by the US Census Bureau and the Pew Hispanic Center, cited by journalist Andres Gomez, editor of the Miami-based Areito Digital magazine, say that out of the 1.8 million persons, 1.044 million(58 percent) were born on the island and 756 thousand (42 percent) were born in the States.
An estimated 1.2 million Cubans (70 percent of the total) and their descendants are living in the US state of Florida, whose population reached 19 million in 2012. And 75 percent of those Cubans are located in Dade County. Some 80 or 90 thousand live in the states of New Jersey, New York and California, and little over 50 thousand live in the state of Texas.

The annual growth of the Cuban immigration between 2000 and 2010 was estimated at 17,300 people. The average age of the Cuban population in the U.S. is 40 years of age, while that of other Latin Americans there is 27 years, while the average age of the general US population is 37 years.
According to the statistics, 25 percent of the Cubans and their descendants have got a university diploma, compared to only 13 percent all other Latin Americans in that country. Their average annual salary was calculated at 24 thousand dollars, against 20 thousand dollars for other Latin Americans, while the general annual average salary has been estimated at 29 thousand.

As to poverty levels, 19 percent of the Cubans live under the poverty line, compared to 26 percent of the rest of the Latino population and 16 percent of the general US population. According to estimates, 60 percent of all Cuban born on the island now living in the States are US citizens, with 90 percent of them having arrived in the country before 1980.
Pew Research Center says that 47 percent of the Cuban-origin voters in 2013 favored the Republican Party and 44 percent took sides with the Democrats.

In 2012, the Latin American population and descendants was calculated at 53 million out of a total US population of 311 million. The largest Latin American population groups are the Mexicans, 34 million; Puerto Ricans, 5 million; Salvadorans, 1.9 million and the Cubans with 1.8 million.