Cubans have been queuing for several days to buy used cars

Cubans have been queuing for several days to buy used cars

HAVANA, Feb. 26 The Cubans are queuing in Havana since Monday to buy used cars at very high prices that from this Tuesday will sell the state corporation Cimex SA, although the sale begins today February 25, since yesterday there were many people and even a police presence in the Car Agency located on 20th Street between 1st and 3rd, in the municipality Playa, the only place enabled in the country for this service so far.

The journalist Fernando Rasverg published a video where you can see the queue, and even the dispute between several citizens for the turns to buy the vehicles.

In the audio one can hear that one of the Cubans says that they have been doing the queue for four days, while the store staff asks for an organization in the face of the tumult.

Last week, CIMEX published the list of cars that will go on sale from today in Cuba in Convertible Free Currency (MCL).

The prices of the vehicles that will be available were also announced, some of which are being offered four times the value they have in the international market.

Car prices range from 34 to 90 thousand MLC, in a country where the average salary barely exceeds 30 CUC. For example, a Peugeot 301 T / A in Colombia has a value of USD 17,210, and in Cuba, it will sell for USD 45,000, which is equivalent to a 261% increase in the initial price.

The cars for sale are second-hand, which at some time belonged to the tourism sector. The new ones will be those requested as imports.

The sale of cars is part of a policy of accelerated collection of foreign currency that since last October has been implemented by the government of the Island in the midst of the economic crisis that affects the country.

According to Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, Cuban Minister of Transportation, the collection for the sale of vehicles will be distributed 85% for a special fund to improve public transport services and the remaining 15% for CIMEX and its stores.