Cubana de Aviación suspends the sale of national tickets until further notice

Cubana de Aviación suspends the sale of national tickets until further noticeHAVANA, March 29th  Cubana de Aviación has suspended the sale of tickets for domestic flights until further notice. In the offices there is a sign that informs the population of the decision, although it does not explain why.

In the list attached to the Havana office, at least until May, there will be no changes. In Guantánamo until December 31.

“Literally there are no airplanes and those that are in very bad conditions, we have communicated it to those who come here.The measure that is being taken is to transfer in a bus to those passengers who already obtained the tickets,” he told News an agent of security of the agency in Havana that preferred the anonymity.

The funny thing is that on Cubana’s website the tickets are available in foreign currencies. A flight from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, round trip, exceeds $ 270 in all possible options. In Terminal 1 of the José Martí Airport, where national flights depart, the Martí Noticias team found that the information they received in the office was contradictory.

The guaguas will supply the service of the flights of smaller capacity and frequency, but some flights that already were sold would also remain out. Who would touch plane and to whom buses, is random.

The transport crisis on the Island is getting worse. The official media try to calm the population by informing about “new measures”: express buses, taxi cabs, agreements with other countries to acquire buses … However, people find it increasingly complicated.