Cubana de Aviación announces parcel service to Cuba

Cubana de Aviación announces parcel service to Cuba

HAVANA, Feb 1. The Cubana de Aviación airline announced on Tuesday a new parcel service to the Island that will be available starting February 1. As detailed by the company on its Facebook profile, the option will be available for four countries: Spain, Italy, Panama, and Canada, from where boxes of up to 20 kilograms of food, medicine and toiletries can be sent to the Island.

“Home delivery only in Havana from 48 to 72 hours,” the post states.


Capture of Facebook / Cubana de Aviación

For this new modality, Cubana has partnered with Aerovaradero, a company specializing in national and international air cargo activity, which will be in charge of distributing the packages upon arrival in Cuba.

Cuban laws provide that once the shipment arrives, the recipient must pay a payment in national currency, depending on the weight of the package.

The first three kilos of miscellaneous items (food, clothing, toiletries, medicines) are exempt. The rest of the items not included in that category will be paid according to the Customs valuation.

In August 2022, a provision of the Ministry of Finance and Prices came into force that increased from 10 to 20 kilos the quantity that can be sent by sea, postal, or courier to the country, as well as the number of tariff-free packages ( from 1.5 to 3 kilos), and also reduced the tariff rate.

“The novelty is that, through shipments, up to 200 dollars can be imported, which is equivalent to 20 kilograms according to the General Customs regulations of the Republic (1 kilo is equivalent to 10 dollars)” then said Minister Meisi Bolaños, recalled that before The import limit was 10 kilos, with the same cost ($200). The new rule, therefore, maintained the amount but doubled the weight of what could be sent.