Cubana added more direct flights to Costa Rica

 havana-live-cubanaHAVANA, 17 November At 9:30 am Sunday morning at the Juan Santamaria International Airport the inaugural direct flight of Cubana Airlines landed from Havana. Flights from Cuba have been suspended since 2008 but the airline stated it would be starting this route again.
That time is now.
Cubana will have this flight on Thursday’s and Sunday’s in an Antonov 158 aircraft which has a capacity of 85 passengers. The general manager of Cubana Aviation, Daniel Mendez, said the aim of reviving direct flights to Costa Rica is to strengthen the business alliance and enhance development in both tourist markets of the nations. Rafael Mencia, CEO of Aeris Holding Costa Rica, said the decision to start this route again is to facilitate the arrival of the Russian tourist market.
“It also represents an opportunity for Costa Ricans who decide to travel to that destination,” said Mencia. In 2013 there were 3.372 Cubans that came into Costa Rica and this number is expected to increase with the new service. A total of 4,146 Russian tourists also visited the country.