Cuban winery announces presentation of new Secreto Gallego wine

Cuban winery announces presentation of new Secreto Gallego wine

HAVANA, Jan 28 (RHC) The Cuban Winery Rodrigar notified today that it will soon present a new wine called Secreto Gallego, manufactured entirely in this country.The owner of that small industry, Keiler Rodríguez, added this Friday that the novelty will be exhibited at the XXV International Agroindustrial Food Fair (Fiagrop 2024), scheduled for March 18 to 24 at the Rancho Boyeros Fairgrounds, on the outskirts of Havana.

Rodríguez announced that this new fortified product has 14% alcohol and is made with carefully selected dehydrated grapes, with which aromas of red fruits of the forest, black plums, blackberries, floral aromas are achieved, its tannins being tamed, a unique flavor. (tasting sheet).

He explained that after 6 months of rest, a wine with an intense mahogany color is obtained, associated with elegance, packaging, passion, smell, and an exquisite flavor, while harboring an equitable sweetness, without being honeyed.

The president of the La Giraldilla Winegrowers Club of Havana also commented that he hopes to soon market the new drink, due to its special qualities and characteristics.

He recalled that his Rodrigar brand was born in 2022 and today operates with a wide variety of grapes planted and grown in the country under very specific climatic conditions, which once selected are subjected to maceration and fermentation processes under strict quality protocols, and then be aged in reused bottles.

At this time, the production capacity of your company allows you to insert yourself into distribution and marketing chains throughout the country, and in different hotel facilities, honoring contracts with forms of non-state management, as well as local gastronomic and commercial initiatives with Social impact.

Its product portfolio contains three lines of grape varieties, such as Tempranillo, Arañón, and Italia Blanca, from a farm in Güira de Melena (Artemisa) and others planted in Pinar del Río, which range from fine, fruity and gastronomic wines. , and with which red, white, rosé and muscat, among others, as well as vinegar and dry wine, are obtained.

He admitted that other special wines he promotes are a glass of red wine, aged for three months, made with a Tempranillo grape variety grown in Cuba and harvested in June, and another young one made from an imported sweet apple, which is already widely accepted.

The Rodrigar brand is registered by the Cuban Industrial Property Office (OCPI) and certified by the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (Inhem).