Cuban travel agencies will only accept electronic payments

Agencia cubanas de viajes solo aceptarán pagos electrónicos

HAVANA, April 25th From this April 25, it will only be possible to pay for hotel, travel or tour reservations from travel agencies in Cuba,through electronic means, whether they are the Freely Convertible Currency or Cuban pesos.

The Cubanacan agency exposed it verbatim, in a note quoted by the Cuban Directory, “Payment in cash as a form of payment will be suspended indefinitely.” To which CubaTur joined, confirming that “as of this Monday, April 25, 2022, reservation payments will be accepted, only by electronic means, at all our points of sale.”

If the payments are in Cuban pesos, or through Cuban magnetic cards in MLC, if the reservation is divided, it can be done through the Cuban electronic platforms EnZona or Transfermovil, but if you buy from abroad, through VISA or MasterCard cards, which are not linked to American banks.

There are several offers that these agencies promote for May. For example, CubaTur offers the Viñales route, from Mayabeque, at 948 pesos for each adult and 826 per child; also, to Varadero from Artemisa, 520 for adults and 514 for children. Guamá is added, plus Caleta Buena, from Artemisa, 1,875 Cuban pesos per adult, and just over 1,300 for children.

In addition, it makes clear the transportation supplements in Cuban pesos, by destination: from Havana to Varadero with a hotel, 410 pesos per person, while with departures with Transgaviota, from the Cuban capital to Cayo Santa María, 648 Cuban pesos. From Havana to Cayo Coco, one thousand pesos per person, and to Cayo Guillermo, 1,056.