Cuban singer Suylén Milanés died in Havana

Cuban singer Suylén Milanés died in Havana

HAVANA, Jan. 31st  After a few days hospitalized after suffering an unexpected health problem, Suylén Milanés, one of the greatest exponents of Cuban music and the daughter of the famous singer-songwriter, Pablo Milanés, passed away at the age of 50. With great pain, the family communicated the news and appreciated the discretion in this regard.

Just a few days ago, the famous interpreter had suffered from a stroke (cerebrovascular accident) and was hospitalized in Havana, Cuba, the city where she lived. However, faced with this difficult diagnosis in which the doctors had declared “brain death”, Suylén’s body decided to stop fighting and ended up dying on Sunday, January 30 at 5 in the morning.

Through social media, Nancy Perez King, Pablo Milanés’s wife shared the news along with an emotional text where she told how they went through the loss.

“Dear family and friends, I have preferred to send you this message because I know that many will continue to ask about our dear Suylén. His heart stopped beating a few hours ago“, The singer’s partner began by commenting.

“Pablo is serene because since the diagnosis of brain death he knew the outcome and it has been suffering heartbreakingly within the extraordinary strength it has. We are all unwell but together: the children, the aunt, Pablo and I,” she continued and assured that “for his health, which is fragile, they will not go to Havana for now.“.

It should be remembered that the 78-year-old singer is currently installed in Spain, where he is also undergoing treatment due to a health problem, so at the moment it is somewhat difficult for him to travel to the city where he lived and in which his daughter Suylén died.

“We know that everyone is with us accompanying us in the hardest moment of Pablo’s life. Thank you for so much love,” Nancy said with deep gratitude for the support.

What will happen to the remains of Suylén Milanés

Faced with the news that the singer and his family would not travel to Havana after the death of the young woman, many people wondered what would become of the remains of Suylén Milanés’s body. “By family decision, his body will be cremated and no public wake will be held,” reported PM Records through your Facebook account.

Despite the fact that the fans and relatives of the singer will not be able to say goodbye at a wake, there were many dedications that came through social networks, where they highlighted Suylén’s commitment to spreading Cuban culture.