Cuban scientist manage to produce high quality wines

Cuban scientist manage to produce high quality wines

HAVANA, Dec. 26  A Cuban scientist reported this Monday that he managed to produce high-quality wines in a short time, as prospects for the industry of this product linked to tourism.Just four months were enough for Freddy Rojas Thómas, a scientist at the Finlay Vaccine Institute, to produce high-quality wines and qualify to participate and compete in the V National Festival of Winegrowers of Cuba, to be held in the central province of Cienfuegos, in February. of 2024.

Graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Industrial Pharmacy, according to the name of the university degree), the researcher told Prensa Latina that he presented his drinks in a special tasting held in Havana to select the best ones that would be presented in the future contest and three of them were selected, although I did not expect that final result.

He specified that he started in the wine production universe last September, and this became a kind of hobby because, he said, he always felt attracted to this exquisite and ancient product, in addition to wanting to conceive something different from the medicines he creates and develops. daily in the prestigious scientific center where he works.

Rojas Thómas said that he began watching videos and reading articles on the Internet related to wine production, and since he constantly works with fermentations and always had a passion for that drink, he decided to explore this type of liquor in his house.

From the harvest to the final bottling, several types of fermentation occur in the wines and the winemaking process consists of a delicate science that uses both natural and artificial yeasts to transform part of the sugars in the must into alcohol, the specialist pointed out.


First, he assured, he tried with some grapes that he bought and then with various fruits, and he first began processing that raw material and creating a liter, and then gave way to two or three more, which resulted in the first bottles that he presented at the city tasting contest, held last November 25.

The young 38-year-old producer said that the wine that most attracted the jury of the city contest and that qualified for the national meeting was the grape wine, with which he made a red wine, as well as another coconut wine, which, although not winning the prize was the one with the most impression for the experts.

Currently, the specialist reported, he also works with fruits such as orange, lemon, tangerine and Chinese plum, as well as banana and cane, and only carries out the fermentations in about 20-liter bottles, with which he can create 20 to 23 wine bottles.

He said that his business is still in the development stage, which is why it does not yet have a production that is extensive and strong enough to respond to a high production and marketing demand.