Cuban Sailboat goes into History in Saint Petersburg-Havana Regatta

Cuban Sailboat goes into History in Saint Petersburg-Havana RegattaHAVANA,Feb 26 (PL) With the Cuban boat ”Micara” as a novelty, the Saint-Petersburg-Havana regatta will start today, when 22 sailboats will set sail from this city at 10:00 hours, local time.

According to a communiqué from the International Nautical Club of Cuba, ‘the boats and their crews, made up of 126 yachtsmen, will arrive in the Hemingway Marina on February 27 and 28, and the slowest ones will be arriving on March 1.’

It will be the first time in 58 years that a Cuban crew on a boat with a flag from the same nationality, representing the Hemingway International Nautical Club, will participate in a regatta between the United States and Cuba, the press release added.

The program of the Saint Petersburg-Havana regatta consists of several events, including a nautical stop on Saturday, March 3, at about 11:00 hours, local time, by the statue of the Christ, inside the Bay of Havana.

An hour later, all boats will gather in front of the Morro Castle in the Cuban capital.

At 12 noon, the Torreon de la Chorrera regatta will start along Havana’s coastline, covering a circuit that will include the Morro Castle, the Anti-imperialist Tribune and Torreon de la Chorrera.

These kinds of regattas and other nautical competitions were resumed recently after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba.