Cuban Rumba Artists Prepare Year-End Fiesta

havana-live-formellCuba will welcome in the New Year with three days of rumba and renowned celebrities, such as the nonagenarian poetry reciter Luis Carbonell and Juan Formell, leader of the legendary band Los Van Van.
Performer Roberto Molina, also known as El Tio, confirmed this initiative, which will open doors to other artistic and musical expressions.
El Tio Molina described rumba as a poetic, narrative and dance genre capable of winning over young people who love reggaeton, pop, hip-hop and other contemporary genres.
The Palacio de la Rumba auditorium in Havana will be the venue for this year-end fiesta that will pay tribute to defenders of Cuban culture and rumba such as Carbonell and Formell, who won this year’s Womex Award for World Music and a Grammy for Musical Excellence.
Along with this celebration, Cuban rumba artists will accompany the Yoruba Association in reading the Afro-Cuban religionâ?Ös Ifa oracle or Letter of the Year. The Palacio de la Rumba has plans that include getting more in touch with communities to spread the works of Cuban poets like Jose Marti, Nicolas Guillen and Jose Zacarias Tallet.

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