Cuban Rum Eminente won the Diamond Award

Ron cubano Eminente ganó el Premio Diamont Award

HAVANA, Feb. 13th Eminente Cuban rum won the Diamond Award in the Pentawards 2021 global competition for its excellent packaging design, a drink that today marks the lines of a novelty.

This spirit has already accumulated several awards for its quality. The Cuban drink also triumphed at the China Wine & Spirits Awards, recognized as the largest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in the Asian country.

This is the Eminent Reserve of Cuba, whose supreme quality was highlighted by the ambassador of this country in China, Carlos Miguel Pereira, who referred to these awards as one more step in the ascending path of the industry of said products.

The Pentawards contest, created and organized since 2007, quickly became one of the main promoters in the world of changes in consumption patterns.

This competition selects and distinguishes beverages from around the world with the potential to be marketed in China, and its awards are considered key to raising awareness among distributors and drinkers.

Winners receive official certificates and branded bottle stickers, which help attract even more attention.

Eminente Reserva is a rum aged in white oak barrels, with a smoky touch, notes of coffee and raspadura, a sweet derivative of sugar cane. Last February the spirit debuted to good acclaim in the UK.

Rums are among the products always present in Cuban exhibitions in commercial spaces in China.

In November 2019 and in the context of the second China International Import and Export Exhibition, the Cuba Ron S.A corporation signed an agreement with the Beijing Yamei Anfu International company.

This deal means exporting to the Asian nation 30,000 boxes a year of the Cubay and Perla del Norte brands.

Company executives then indicated that the pact is valid for three years and grants a very favourable position to Cuban liquors.