Cuban religious leaders call prayer for peace

havana-live- Cuban religious leaders call prayer for peaceHAVANA, Sep 7  Cuban leaders of different religious denominations- Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists– called on the faithful to say a prayer for peace.

The inter-religious, cultural event was held in Havana for the second consecutive year. During the ceremony, the Papal Nuncio in Cuba, Giorgio Lengua, read a message sent by Pope Francis on peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance.

In his message, the Bishop of Rome called on the faithful to strengthen faith in peace, arguing that pure and faultless religion can never be a source of violence.

The first-ever Latin American Pope also warned against using God’s name to either justify or commit violent crimes and stressed that peaceful coexistence among all religious denominations could contribute significantly to world peace, common prosperity and harmonious development.

Also during the event, Papal Nuncio Giorgio Lengua announced that they will take the opportunity of the upcoming visit by Pope Francis to Cuba to personally thank him for his efforts as mediator in the negotiations that led to the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the Havana and Washington.

The Prayer for Peace is an inter-religious and cultural event aimed at following the legacy of Pope John Paul II, who in 1986 convened the first-ever event of this kind in the city of Assisi, Italy.(RHC)