Cuban Quality Center Offers Courses to Local Entrepreneurs

havana-live--quality-management (1)HAVANA, July 30   Cuban entrepreneurs must constantly improve their skills in order to make Cuban economy more dynamic, particularly amidst current transformations in the sector, said a specialist in Havana, who announced a series of training courses for next month.

Mavel Hinojosa, an expert with the Havana-based Quality Development and Management Center (CGDC) called on Cuban entrepreneurs, foreign businesspeople based on the island and self-employees and cooperative members to take courses and workshops organized by her entity this year.
The courses, which open in August, include a workshop aimed at executives, market specialists, technical personnel involved in the design and launching of new products; another course on the use of management tools for entrepreneurial competitiveness, which improves organization and labor environment, along with other training actions quality management according to the Cuban ISO- standards.
Also included is a workshop on the training of quality auditors, which provides basic tools for internal control on entrepreneurial management systems. The specialist explained that these courses have an entry fee and those interested may get more information at the website of the Cuban industry or by sending email messages with requests at, y; or contact the numbers 8633282 or 8610863.
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