Cuban Population Decreases and Ages

Cuban Population Decreases and Ages

HAVANA, August 21 (PL) The demographic trend in Cuba points to the population decrease and aging,

according to data from the National Statistics and Information Bureau (ONEI). 20.4% of Cubans are 60 years old and older, the newspaper Granma reported Wednesday, which considers the Cuban demographic aging as accelerated.

Based on data from the latest Population and Housing Census, Granma noted that the incidence of single-person households where there is a significant presence of older adults is growing in the Caribbean country.

The 40% of the Cuban homes have a senior citizen living in it, and 32% has two or three people with 60 years old or older.

This indicates the probability that an elderly person is taking care of another, something that is currently happening mainly with women.

The demographic dynamic in 2011-2025 period forebodes that the Cuban population will fall by absolute values and nearly 26% of the inhabitants will be 60 years old or older.