Cuban parrot is in serious danger of extinction


HAVANA, May 3rd  Specialists in the protection of fauna in Cuba are highly concerned about the imminent danger of extinction of the Cuban parrot. The fauna in Cuba is mined with extraordinary species of birds, which stand out for their unique beauty; attracting the interest of many people. As a result, there are people dedicated to its capture and commercialization even when said activity is illegal.

Likewise, one of the species that is currently in danger of extinction is the well-known Cuban parrot; whose cost in the illegal market is increasingly high. Thus, it became known through a recent publication by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Through this institution, specialists and scientists are dedicated to monitoring which species are threatened by this type of activity. Consequently, they establish what is called a “red list”, which includes the animals whose future is threatened thanks to their trafficking and commercialization.

In this sense, in a recent update of the list, they reported that the species Amazona leucocephala, also called the Cuban parrot, is in serious danger of extinction. In this way, they highlighted the importance of taking immediate measures to control the traffic of these birds, to guarantee their protection.

Therefore, they announced the prompt implementation of a program to monitor these colorful birds in Cuba; located mainly in the Guanahacabibes region.

Cuban parrot is in serious danger of extinction

Cuban parrot

Measures to prevent the capture of Cuban parrots, an endangered species

Although currently in Guanahacabibes there are measures to avoid the capture of Cuban parrots, apparently, they are not enough and expose them to the danger of extinction.

According to engineer Lázaro Márquez Govea, spokesman for the Guanahacabibes National Park, the Antillean authorities manage a monitoring program for the species. However, this has not stopped their commercialization and, consequently, has forced them to take more drastic actions.

As a result, one of the measures to reduce the danger of extinction of the Cuban parrots is the installation of surveillance cameras in Guanahacabibes.

They will fulfill a double function; since they will serve to detect potential threats or predators and, in addition, they will favor science. In this way, specialists will be able to appreciate more closely the behavior of this species; providing data that helps to know them better.

It was also known that several forestry companies participate in these monitoring campaigns to prevent the extinction of the Cuban parrots. Likewise, university students, specialists in environmental care, lend their support; as well as members of society interested in nature conservation.

Why is the Cuban parrot in danger of extinction?

As we mentioned, the illegal trade in Cuban parrots is the main reason why this species is in danger of extinction. However, many may wonder why the interest in trading this species is due to such an extent that its future is threatened.

According to a recent report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, it seems that there are several elements that make these birds attractive.

First of all, they highlight that this species has the curious ability to imitate the voice and even the expressions of people. In this way, there are people who try to keep them as pets, and even as a source of entertainment; paying large amounts of money for it.

Likewise, another element that has put the Cuban parrot in danger of extinction is its singular beauty; characterized by its colorful plumage. Once again, there are people willing to pay large sums to obtain this species; without caring about removing them from their natural habitat to keep them locked in a cage.