L'opposition cubaine promet des actions pendant 11 jours

HAVANA, Nov. 16 (AFP) Cuban opposition group Archipiélago said on Tuesday that “the extreme militarization of the streets”

and the immobilization of more than one hundred activists prevented the demonstration scheduled for Monday and announced new actions until the 27th.

The Communist government responded to the call to demonstrate with “extreme militarization of the streets, more than a hundred activists stranded in their homes, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, acts of repudiation, violence, threats, coercion. and hate speech, ”denounced the group in a statement sent to AFP.
The group, created on Facebook after the historic July 11 protests, has 37,000 members in Cuba and abroad.

He called on Monday to demonstrate for the release of political prisoners, but the police presence and the arrest of dissent leaders prevented any mobilization.

Authorities banned the rally, saying it was an attempt at regime change with Washington backing, and threatened the organizers with criminal sanctions.

“The increased repression against citizens and peaceful protesters is not and will not be accepted,” assures Tuesday’s statement, which calls for further action until November 27, the anniversary of the demonstration by around 300 artists. for freedom of expression in 2020.

Archipiélago notably encourages people to dress in white, wear white roses, make individual videos and participate in a concert of casseroles every evening to protest against the government.
On Monday, several dissidence leaders were arrested including Manuel Cuesta Morua, vice-president of the Council for the Democratic Transition. He told AFP on Tuesday that he had been released: “They released me around one in the morning,” he said, saying he was arrested as he was going out to demonstrate.

The leader of the Ladies in White movement, Berta Soler, and her husband, ex-political prisoner Angel Moya, also arrested, were released shortly after midnight, dissident Martha Beatriz Roque told AFP.
Art historian and activist Carolina Barrero, prevented from leaving her home for 200 days, has also been arrested, the dissident movement 27N, of which she is a member, said. Another opposition figure, Guillermo Fariñas, has been in detention since Friday.
The creator of Archipiélago, the playwright Yunior Garcia, 39, stranded at his home on Sunday and Monday, remained unreachable on Tuesday.
Cuba´s opposition promised actions for 11 days