Cuban Ministry of the Interior reports on confiscation of abandoned boats

Cuban Ministry of the Interior reports on confiscation of abandoned boats

HAVANA, Sept. 8th The Cuban Ministry of the Interior (Minint) reported on the confiscation of a group of abandoned boats in the island’s aquatic spaces, according to official media.The measure was taken by virtue of the provisions of the current legislation regarding the procedures for the confiscation in favor of the State of those means of maritime transport found in the country without owners or crew members on board.

The vessels, which became state property through various resolutions signed by the Head of the National Department of the Port Authority, were found in Cuban jurisdictional waters from December 2021 to date, most of them in the eastern part of the country, according to the official newspaper Granma.

The list includes means ranging from Yola-type boats to speedboats with powerful 350 HP outboard motors. Some are registered in Puerto Rico, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, and in the state of Florida, in the United States.

The disclosed information also indicates that those potentially affected by these confiscations may make a written claim before the Head of the Border Troops Directorate within a term of 20 calendar days from their publication, in the event that they consider that their rights have been violated.

It also transpired that, in accordance with the official provisions of the Regulation of Law No. 115 “On Maritime, River and Lacustrine Navigation” of the Republic of Cuba, the Moa Port Captaincy reported on the finding last 2 August of a Zodiac-type boat.

The incident occurred approximately 3 miles in front of Cayo Punta de Guárico, in the Moa municipality of the eastern province of Holguín. The boat found has an aluminum and rubber hull, gray in color, 2.65 meters long, 1.45 meters wide and 0.38 cm deep.

In addition, she has an outboard motor, TOHATSU brand, 1 cylinder, 9.8 HP, serial number 026739A5, and the number COX 57061E717 is labeled on the transom, reports the official information.

The authorities clarified that natural or legal persons with rights over the property found, and interested in exercising them, must go to the Port of Moa Captaincy, in a term that does not exceed 30 calendar days, counted from the publication of the note. , according to which to claim the boat they must present the documentation that legally proves possession or ownership of it.

Reports of this type are periodically disseminated through the media of the Island because due to its geographical location it is common for abandoned boats to land on its coasts that are commonly used by migrants, drug and human traffickers, and others to cover their routes.

Cuban legislation establishes that if after the fixed and publicly informed period no interested party appears to claim it, the vessel is declared abandoned and becomes the property of the Cuban State. And if it is shown that it was used for smuggling or any illegal activity, it is confiscated by court order.